Monday, 28 July 2008

Java Ruby Python - WOrkflows and BPEL

Java is used extensively in industry and is a fine grained language suitable for complex business processes that need to be hand written.

Python, Ruby, Groovy, Grails are scripting languages that are faster to develop and easier to debug. However they are still not used as much as Java in mainstream applications although they should be. The scripting languages can have skeleton programmes already built - for example online shops, blogs. These are then easy to get up and running but can be difficult to customize since then original code must be then written.

Workflows and BPEL is slowly gaining ground but in fact is more complicated to use than plain programming languages like java. Why? Because the idea of simple graphical drawings that run programs simply does not work. Why? A simple graphical block can certainly be drawn but then code has to be written to run it and make sure it fits with the picture drawn - usually making it even more complex than just plaion code.

Solutions? At present to use a good BPM software if posssible and large enough budget and design projects to reduce complexity of code and ensure the easy reverse engineering that inevitably is needed somewhere down the line.

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