Friday, 23 March 2012

Cell Sections No Code

Xcode 4.3 IOS 5.1 Cell Sections No Code At All in Storyboard

Great for creative types who hate code - zero zero zero code!

In iPhone and iPad you can make a good app entirely graphically with no code at all.
Here is a picture of one - no code at all!:

Click on a cell and you get this:

Click on the apple cell you get this:

Here is the storyboard: a Navigation Controller (as the starter) linked with a relationship to a TableView Controller. Then 'static' cells (the easy ones!) that are called 'custom' are clicked on to bring up View Controllers connected by a 'push'.

You can watch it free and step by step on youtube:
You need some pictures about 40 pixels square and some photos about 300 by 400 pixels for the big View Controllers. Why not make a little quiz? Or show off your photos?

If you want the source code (its in Xcode 4.3, IOS 5.1)  then here it is:
The source code (£1.01 donation) :
 I will email you back with the source code within 1 day for sure. No catches.

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Fayaz said...

Thank you for your videos, it helped me develop an app for my business. One question, when I preview the app with the iOS 5 simulator in Xcode, it shows 2 icons on the main screen of the iPhone. Is it normal? Will it go away when it will be submitted to Apple? Thank you