Tuesday, 7 February 2012

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Xcode 4.3 (IOS 5.1) Image Swipe Gallery

NO-CODE NECESSARY - Welcome to creatives & artists

Start making beautiful apps with no coding at all in Xcode 4.3 (IOS 5.1).
I have done quite a few no-code tutorials now. They are FREE.
You need to be good with photos and graphics though!!

Or watch the video - NO CODE AT ALL NEEDED:

Or listen to the audio if you like spoken voice:

I am adding an audio for those that like listening to spoken words rather than reading. Sorry I could not get speech on the video - bandwidth constraints etc.

You need a single view template then add 3 more View Controllers. Add two swipe controls to each and connect each swipe control to a View Controller - one swiping right and the other swiping left. Then add ImageViews to each View Controller. Then assign your 320 by 480 image to each ImageView and your done. You can change the transition (dissolve, rotate etc) by clicking on the swipe objects then in the attribute selector which is top right (and 4th along from left).

No code needed, not a single line and you can add as many View Controllers with ImageViews as you like.


Be creative and start making good apps with no code!

Here is another no code example that will appeal to graphical people:

Or youtube at:

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