Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Open URL

Watch the free video on youtube:

Get the source code (small £1.01 donation) for Xcode 4.3, ios 5.1 open a url:
 I will email you back with the source code within 1 day for sure. No catches, no trip wires :)

Here is MasterViewController.m

Xcode 4.3 (IOS 5.1) Open a URL in Safari
We make an Xcode 4.3 IOS 5.1 project using a storyboard and use it to simply open any URL in a separate Safari window. Its very easy and one line of code I think. Here is the result:

Note that you are not able to get back to your app with this code. If you want to stay in the app use a WebView, here is a walkthrough showing how to do that:

email me for source code - see above

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